Jan. 20th, 2017

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More Joy Day crept up on me, I must admit--turns out I've got the bronchitis, so I spent the afternoon in urgent are getting my first ever breathing treatment.  I love that the wheezing has abated, though the cough hurts worse because it goes deeper now.  I'm not a fan of the albuterol shakes.  And so it goes.

My contribution to More Joy Day is to set up monthly donations to the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center.  I've been doing it manually, but they're able to to do more and budget better if I go automatic, and I can swing it, so I will.

The piece Thassalia and I expressly started as fun kinky smut has grown emotions and a plot and might even be canon compliant if you squint.  I'm certainly giving it the side-eye these days.  The teenager one has got some momentum, I just need the focus and the time to knock out some of the scenes that are waiting in the wings.  The roadtrip fic is plugging away slowly--I've resolved enough plot that I'm compelled to rework the writing mix, because I know which songs clearly don't belong.

Imma lie down somewhere warm with comics.


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