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Writing in response to this post on Tumblr by Linzeestyle.

I mourn how fallow DW/LJ have gotten, which is why I created a Tumblr when I started writing again. And the pictures are pretty, but having been through a bunch of fandom formats, I’m well aware of the pros and cons of this one even as I’m still learning how this one plays out.

The format of Tumblr is incredible for visuals, which is great for artists as well as folks who like to work with graphics or make gifsets and such. I still have a photobucket account I only got to upload graphics to LJ--an assache I’m glad to be rid of.

I like how music mixes are a thing now, easily cross-platformed with 8tracks. I’ve always made mixes, and there’s an easier channel to share them now.

I find attribution difficult to track, which I think is one thing that feeds into the feeling that content just appears magically. Posts don’t have a home, by design.

I regret the ephemeral nature of the tumblr medium, it’s curation of a stream of consciousness; blogs and journals accumulated more readily visible character in the way of links to fic/deviant art/websites, memory posts, people’s accustomed icons, etc.

Reading pages and threaded comments are social networks in action, it’s space for conversation and getting to know people.

I think exploring how we can cross-pollinate and get the best of what each has to offer is WHAT FANDOM DOES! It doesn’t die, but it does break apart and scatter and find more fertile ground for what it wants to do--which is why tumblr took off in the first place, for the benefits above. But it’s a rocky salty environment for meta and fic.

Tumblr is like trying to have a salon discussion by way of the game of telephone.

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Date: 2015-08-27 03:54 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] linzeestyle
This is what I hope we start to see people realize by example, if we can get at least a few people to consistently try this out for long posts/meta/drabbles that would normally be under a "read more" cut on Tumblr. I wish people other than me could have "tracked" that original post I made, because the different discussions that popped up on it were really interesting. For the most part there was a surprising amount of interest in the idea of supplementing Tumblr with some kind of comments-friendly system, even from fen who weren't involved in fandom pre-Tumblr, but I also saw a few posts that were extremely antagonistic towards the idea. It seemed to spring out of a misunderstanding (that what I was calling for was a full-scale return to DW/LJ, which is most certainly not the case!), but also a sense that text-based platforms are what create BNF "cliques." I'd argue against that (I think the idea that Tumblr doesn't create cliques itself is silly, though they are certainly structured differently), but there's also a point where I just don't know what else to do when someone's ultimate complaint is, "I don't ever talk or interact, it isn't fair that I feel excluded" (which is...what a few of the sub-arguments on that post seemed to come down to :x).

I mean, to me it's really the most non-threatening thing possible: trying to incorporate a platform that works to make up for an element of Tumblr that isn't equipped for our needs. It really is more or less what Fandom's done since its inception. I love the idea of being able to reblog meta + entire discussions though. Or following a blog rather than a Twitter, if you're more interested in someone's meta than their visual aesthetic, and visa versa.

Also, *waves hello!*


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