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You want to know my secret?  I always create a writing mix (or in this case, several):

Pacing the Cage - Bruce Cockburn
That Banner was still in the tower actually surprised her. No. That he was still in the country surprised her; once the location narrowed down to US, it was a given he’d be in the tower.
Disorder in the House - Warren Zevon
Fortunately it’s an intense burst that burns out quickly: he rips open most of the bunkers, yanks apart a 47 ton T-90 tank which audibly makes Stark choke up with some undefined emotion, then tears off across farmland into the sunset.
I Need Some Sleep - The Eels
Natasha sits on the floor of the quinjet with him as he sleeps for hours, face bruised and drawn.
Stolen Prayer - Alice Cooper
Being told you could sip from that cup, that it was okay, even when you knew that was a lie? It’s a heady, sickening feeling.
The Real You - Alan Watts (remixed by Colorpulse)
She wills herself still as it moves to her hand, delicate like wanting to stroke caterpillar fuzz. His fingerprint is pebbled on her palm, the human grain writ large and tough like ray skin.
Hope for the Hopeless - A Fine Frenzy
But there’s a…a freedom in the idea that control is possible. That I could live within those bounds. Even after yesterday, it still seems like a fantasy, and…hard to believe in. But to stay here, I have to make the effort at giving it a shot.
Unholy Dirty and Beautiful - David Usher
She just needs to ask for his help, but the barrier to that sits heavily in her chest, as awkward as the unsent messages on her phone.
Hang Me Out to Dry - Cold War Kids
Banner had been focused, intent on the training mission Steve had given, “clear that hillside”, but the rawness of his emotional state had spilled over, and everyone’s ears were still ringing from the inchoate bellowing.
All Mine - Portishead
Suddenly Bruce freezes, his visual field searing white around the edges, the pounding heartbeat coming out of nowhere.
Underneath It All - Scala
He continues, flat and hollow. “And I didn’t have control. Just for a second. But it was long enough.”
Somewhere (From “West Side Story”) - Tom Waits
Bruce covers his eyes and laughs up at the ceiling. How would he even describe a bed of pillows and dusty curtains and two battered people who embody the concept of keeping things close to the vest?


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