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 It looks like the last thing I linked here was Frog in a Blender, which was written in a prolonged feverish strop with Thassalia after we made the mistake of starting to rant to each other about how painfully terrible the Natasha/Bruce pairing was handled in AoU.  That turned into a Red Room Remix fic featuring the whole crew, and a writing partnership that has kept both of us sane since.

Then we had a dozen American Red Room kids to play with, so we wrote a sequel: Bombpop.

Then I did a collaboration with Bynightafangirl and wrote six short pieces for her AU gifsets: Stuff Your Stockings with AUs and Candy.

Thassalia and I broke out the artist colony AU into a full-sized story where no one's super, nearly everyone's an artist, and Nick Fury is a retired Coast Guard admiral who owns a yarn shop: Hulkasaurus.  That one has a small coda: Gang Aft Agley.

Then Thassalia wrote some wicked hot post-Avengers threesome character study smut (and I helped! but I feel like it was more cheerleading/deep beta/occasional writing than our usual partnerships): Trigonometry for the Genetically Enhanced.

I wrote a little Ghostbusters: Abigail Tiberius Yates.

I wrote some short MCU pieces: Extra Nuts and Odd Screws.  I wrote something a little longer but not much: Slushie.

I started curating my MCU writing mixes and cover art by story: Keeping Score of the Incidental.

And most recently, Thassalia and I posted our time-travel Cold War romp: Relatives in Spacetime.

So...I apparently spent a lot of the last year in Googledocs.

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