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This is what I've missed about a more active fandom space--things like More Joy Day, and conversation and depth.  Breathing room.  Appreciation, not just of the source material that sparks something inside that makes me want to talk and create and hash out--but also appreciation of the people in this community.

Awww, fandom : )

I've spent the last two days on the cusp of writing and just not getting started.  Staring at things instead.  As I do this time of year.  I'm giving it another shot today, but if it isn't happening and I wander off the page, then I need to close the laptop and read a fucking book instead.  Or get out the pencils and pens.

I did some doodling yesterday, which is good because I want to draw more and care a lot less about how childish and bad my art is.  I used to love drawing in high school, and I was not terrible when I was doing it regularly, it's definitely a channel of expression that I just need to flush the sediment out of and get the flow back and I can progress from there.

This morning I did some yoga. A few months ago Thassalia recommended 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene, which was $1, and which has been sitting waiting for me to start it since then.  So far so good.  I should probably get a yoga mat, that's a thing, right?  GingerCat and I had a discussion about being good partners (yes, he can hang out under the downward dog, but no, not with claws up and extended).  CocoaCat demonstrated her own poses like it was a revelation that she now has stretching in common with her apes.

I also started loading my music mixes into a spare google drive account.  It occurs to me that I should zip them, for sharing.  More to come on that as I figure out a system.  How do other folks who mix and share do this kind of thing these days?

I need more icons.  But that's for another day, when I won't feel bad about spending four hours on the laptop not-writing.
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