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~*~Bronchitis is abating
~*~Work exploded a little
~*~We're moving in just a few weeks

The moving thing...we've known for years that we'll eventually join households with one or both of my parents. Due to the vagaries of medical expenses for them, this time has come sooner than expected.  So the primary project right now is sorting and packing our house, and cheering on my seventy year old parents who haven't moved since 1973.  There are some confounding factors.

Dad became a homeowner at 27 and thought he'd be buried out of that house.  He's been struggling against the economy since Reaganomics, so the fact that he kept and paid off that house and had a modest retirement to begin with is massively impressive.  Then the Great Recession slashed and burned his savings, he had to retire early due to medical necessity, and, well, here we are at this juncture.  I'm so very happy he spoke up before they hit zero, and incredibly grateful we've made it to a place where we can swoop in and be their safety net as planned.

Mom is, to put it gently, a pack rat.  We have tangled a few times with hoarding, when we cleared out her mother's house, and when we had to clean out her flooded basement.  While the house we're renting has enough room for four adults and a ten-year-old, it does not have room to store the ice skates you haven't worn since college.  No, do not throw away the boxes of negatives as well, Jesus, those can be digitized at the very least.

I'm still crawling up the slope back out of winter, so this is going rather fast because Mr. F is a very efficient person from German WASP stock.  This is not a bad thing, it's just I'd rather be taking a nap and not having to consider soundproofing our new bedroom. Sigh.

In other news, my new optical Rx is for bifocals.  Fuck me.
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