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Nov. 10th, 2014 02:37 pm
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agnes nutter
bewildered in a dream
hand of glory
medicine show
robotic scarab
squirting cucumber
tacitus' phoenix
the bow and crown of conquest
the great sword of war
tzadikim nistarim
white rabbit

BPAL imps:
fog machine juice - 'single note' [no description]
against idleness & mischief - Pollen-dusted honey, diligent tonka, steadfast chamomile, and goodly hyssop.
tweedledum - Absurd! Green mango, fig, patchouli and green tea.
harlot - Somalian rose, Moroccan rose and Bulgar rose with a sultry dribble of cinnamon.
mary reed - Salt air, ocean mist, aged patchouli, sarsaparilla, watered-down rum, leather-tinged musk, and a spray of gunpowder. 
the light of men's lives - The wax and smoke of millions upon millions of candles illuminating the walls of Death's shadowy cave: some tall, straight, and strong, blazing with the fire of life, others dim and guttering..
mantis - Crushed herbs and sweet amber resin with a streak of patchouli, neroli and golden musk.
psyche - Bulgar rose, Chinese white musk, lavender, orchid and frankincense.
Prototype PPV662- "a soft musky/amber blend with rose throughout."
Prototype ICD23- "A sort of jungly, feral green."
Prototype PPN143- "herbs? green? fir? bracing, went soapy on me"

Conjure Oils samples:
la maceta - vibrant marigolds, scarlet geraniums, green leaves and fresh soil smile up at you from their terra cotta home.
odin - Mist- covered Norwegian ash, mossy emerald lichens and the smoke from the Fates' campfire
four leaf clover - Lucky sweet clover, lemon sugar and green fig, wisteria for hope and a drop or two of raspberry for gorgeous love 
the pernicious parasol - cherry, plum and apricot are cloaked in black vanilla and slathered with bitter almond, tart green apple, d'anjou pear and the tiniest tinge of cassava.

House of Gloi samples:
insalata nocturna - Italian lemon, rubbed tomato leaf, olive leaf, black fig syrup and basil. 

Perfume samples:
l'artisan parfumeur: fou d'absinthe - absinthe, star anise, dry pine, cistus, angelica flower, blackcurrant buds, clove, ginger, nutmeg, patchouli, pepper, pine needles, fir balsam
montale: intense cafe - coffee, rose, amber, vanilla, white musk

Lace edged hankies:
lace hankies

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I've learned that I'm open to smelling like a lot of strange things.  I enjoy a scent that's evocative, whether it's of place, character, narrative, activity, even something edible or poisonous.  I have favorite notes, and ones that work well with my skin, but I'm oddly more willing to sit through a mediocre failure of a scent than a boring movie.  
 Tell me a story, give me a mise en scene. )
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I've been sniffing around, and here are my thoughts:

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Next up: some of the BPAL prototypes from [personal profile] synecdochic's recent decant circle.
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I've had an old silver cigarette case for years, and now it holds tiny vials of perfume samples.  Today I wore Knize Ten

*Holy Hell, what is going on in my nose?  I discard a ton of adjectives without pinning down the sensation.  It's not spiky, sharp, medicinal or fuel.  Is it rosemary? The bug-killing juice of geranium stems? A chemical spill in a barbershop?

*It's out there like The Tick is out there.  Waaaaaay out there.

*My grandmother used to brew Earl Grey tea in a coffee percolator, reheating the pot during the day; that's the bergamot here, severe without explanation or apology.

*This is a very dangerous dandy.  This is Sydney Greenstreet as Gutman.  Or possibly Howard Stark.

*Something in this smells like if you removed all the sweet 'root beer' notes from sassafras root.  There's an occasional soapy note, but it's a mug of shaving soap.

*Oh, wow, leather.  New car leather, suede and solvents, with whiffs of savory cold vanilla.

*And the tail end is sandalwood.
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