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 So I did not make the Labor Day deadline for having a completed draft of what I'm calling "In Suburbia, Land Owns You".  But I've been doing some fierce wrestling with demons here and keep coming back to it and adding more words.  I've broken the 10k barrier that is littered with the busted skeletons of many previous projects, and instead of feeling broken it's started to get that organic feel of when wheat paste transforms into dough.

I had an interview today, which went pretty well, and could be a decent fit.  Now that my parents are finally in decent health and the kiddo is back in school, my schedule has gaping holes that I'm planning to fill with adult socialization and a paycheck.  I have another tentative offer, pending funding.  And today I may have scored a part-time tax-season gig.  Rains/pours.  But it bodes well for something to pan out, at least.

In entrepreneurial news, the store is open!  We've gotten a great response so far, which is wonderful to see in part because this has been a dream for Mr. F for a long time, and I love seeing him bring it into being and just rock the community building.

I made these little fingerless gloves for the kiddo, with this yarn made by a friend of mine.  Now I'm making these entrelac fingerless gloves, with this yarn that looks like the most shameless autumnal colors ever.  Take another look at these colorways, which she can make stripe fast, slow, or over the course of a full skein (or several).  Meg is a wizard of spatial math and gorgeous color.

I am pressed on many sides by people listening to their souls and making them happen in the world, and I think that I'm running out of excuses *not* to keep writing.


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